Test of convolution, depth, Forti ect.

LISTEN (MP3, duration 7:25)

To obtain depth: four instances of VSL Converb (GrosserSaal near) - with different settings only on dry signal, decorr and predelay (Strings, WW, Brass and Perc).
All mix and pan done in VE pro, and in Logic: Exciter and main reverb "LargeConcertHall" from Forti by Numeric.
No use of EQ at all, my soundenginering skills are not very well developed ;-)
(Everything VSL with a touch of LASS full patches in the violins, violas and celli.)

All comments from the Community are welcome - personal mail: oerting@adr.dk

Mac Pro Quad-Core Intel
OS 10.6.2
Logic 9
Vienna Ensemble Pro (most of VSL libs)
32 Mb ram