Listen to extracts from Symphony #1, written for an 80 piece orchestra. The tonematerial/melodies are based on a musical spelling of the name Scheherezade: Eb (pronounced s in danish) C H E H E R (=D when You insert the 28 letter danish alphabet in a 4 row pattern based on a 7-tone scale) E Z (=D) A D E. This is easily heard in the opening bars of the 1. movement, as well as in the orchestral chords where her name is "spelled" simultaneously. The full score is available on request. Please bear in mind that older sample libraries are used, produced today, these extracts would sound even closer to a real symphonic orchestra. Finally, the 3. movement is in it's entire length. (The closing bars of the last movement can be heard under "Medley's" / "Orchestral Colors", the very end.)

1. movement  
2. movement  
3. movement  
4. movement